The dress code of the main Clubhouse is unequivocally coat and tie after 5:30 pm, with the Polo Bar, Card Room and, at times, the porch being an exception to that rule.  Use of bathroom facilities and access to the Porch from the Clubhouse front door by persons in informal attire is permissible.  When informal attire is permitted it must be in good taste.  As an example, swimsuits, t-shirts, etc. will not be allowed and shorts are only allowed prior to 5:30 pm.  All members and their guests enjoying the Polo Bar informally may only use the provided entryway and restrooms and not other areas of the Clubhouse unless approved by the House Committee.  During emergencies such as inclement weather, the Club Manager may authorize use of specific Club areas for informal attire.

Members and their families, guests and visitors, including children, are expected to be in attire that is suitable for the activity they are participating in at the Club. 

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on Club property.

Electronic Communication Devices
Use of electronic communication devices for communication purposes is permitted in parking areas only.